All About Ed

Hello there.  Thanks for popping in to visit us today.

Ed’s stuff is all about unique, fun, and cheeky products to make you smile.  For gifts. For special events and occasions.  For you.  For the home.  For . . .

Our range includes everything from coasters to cards to china to tea-towels and totes. 

Ed’s Stuff is created uniquely by Ed and made in the United Kingdom by many lovely people. We thought it was very important that all the products were made on this wonderful island of ours. As such, we spent a lot of time sourcing and visiting local suppliers to ensure our brand is truly British. 

It’s time we introduced you to Ed.  Our bear.  He represents all stuff that is Ed’s.  He works tirelessly in the background checking stock, thinking about new designs and looking after our customers.  He pops up all over the place, so you’ll see him somewhere, soon, and of course please feel free to say – he’d love to hear from you.

Our bear aside, who is Ed though? We’re glad you asked! Ed came about a few years ago when Alan, a lovely friend, wrote thanking us for a lunch party.  His card was addressed, “Dear Ed”, an obvious combination of the first letters of our respective names: Etiene & David. 

We’ve been married for six years and have always collaborated creatively in our spare time as we’re both passionate about photography, drawing, art, and pottery. Over the years, our collaboration extended more and more into digital image creation. When David was made redundant in the first lockdown during the pandemic, we decided rather than David starting a new job and getting back on the hamster wheel, we should take the plunge and pursue this creative avenue more formally. And that’s when Ed’s Stuff was born!

We have created all the designs, photography and ideas used throughout the Ed’s Stuff range. It is, and continues to be, an exciting journey as we find our feet and explore new ideas.  Creating, hopefully, stuff to make you smile.

Please take a peek at our range.  Let us know what you think.  We love feedback and of course if you have any ideas or comments then please don’t hesitate to say

Ed xxx

Ed’s Stuff.  Why not?

A massive PS: Thank you to Gavin who has worked with us in launching Ed’s Stuff. His help, advice and thinking has been invaluable and without him we’d still be in concept stage working out our CMYK from our RGB colours! He’s also been very patient. Thankfully! 

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