Frequently asked questions and hopefully salient answers

As we have only just launched we haven’t been asked any questions currently.  As we do we will add them to this page.

As a starter for 10 however (and these are from Ed) please see the following.

Can I get in contact with you easily?

Yes, simply email giving your full contact information, i.e.;,  full name, telephone number and address if relevant.  We will reply as quickly as possible.


Do you deliver outside of the United Kingdom?

As we have only just launched we will handle this on a demand basis.  If you are from outside the United Kingdom and would like to place an order please contact us first at and let us know what you’d like.  We will do our very best to work through Customs & Excise regulations to deliver your order.


Is everything you sell made in the United Kingdom?

Yes.  Absolutely.  It’s part of Ed’s Stuff’s DNA and is a fundamental foundation of our brand.  We are proud to create, design and make in the United Kingdom.  Further, we always seek to ensure that we buy from brands within the United Kingdom.  For example the tubes we use to send wrapping paper are made in Essex.


Who is Ed?

Take a peek at All About Ed on our home page.  It’s got all the detail.